Talking to ChatGPT about language

November 2022

The clouds are clearing

August 2022

Humans are good at perceiving and processing only 2D and 3D information

May 2022

A PiniTree competitor - would be great to see someone succeed where we did not :)

March 2022

PiniTree App

February 2022

Training AI systems to align with human intentions and human values

January 2022

In the Age of the Generative Pretrained Models
Excess is what allows the human society to exist without the physical reality. It is a prerequisite for the metaverse to emerge.
The excess has made life an adventure with the ultimate goal of a better future
Humanity is slowly moving from the animal kingdom to the human society with all the excess that has somehow become part of our nature
In a nutshell, excess has created the illusion of well-being and the meaning of life
Hard questions about the AI goals